Sunday, December 13, 2009

Envision the Possibilities--Adventures Lie Ahead!

In 35 days, I turn 50. A year ago, the idea of turning 50 made me cringe. Wretch. Break out in a cold sweat.

But for the past year as I've danced toward 50, I've changed my attitude--and that has made all the difference.

My list of things to accomplish is growing with interesting prospects:

* celebrate my 50th year in Greece and Italy with my mom and two sisters
* find more reasons to be joyful than not
* connect more with friends, family and the pursuit of fun
* make time to write the stories swirling around in my overactive imagination
* move my body more, eat chocolate less
* make the gym a regular part of my life--as well as walking my favorite waterfront trails and riding my purple bike.
* learn to take care of me. This does not come easy to me, but I am realizing what a priority it is to nurture one's physical, spiritual and emotional health.
* become like a duck: let other people's comments roll off my back. My friend Kim is teaching me how to do this with grace.
* recognize that my two children are wonderful people--and that they are old enough to make decisions--and to live with the consequences. I need to let them stand on their own more without coming to their rescue. All of us will be less stressed.
* even with a tight budget, find creative ways to have fun

For years I've wanted to attend Tapestry Theater's production of its "Christmas from Home" World War II-era radio drama/play at the Hollywood Theater in Portland. This year, money is tight and I don't have the cash for a ticket. But the Website offered free admission for volunteer ushers. So this afternoon, I'm ushering at the play and finally will be able to see it!

How many times have I passed up an activity because I didn't have the money? From now on, I will look at the possibilities and how I can have big and small adventures--if I only have the imagination to envision the possibilities.

Look out! Woman turning 50 here! Adventures lie ahead!

As you, too, dance through your life, envision the possibilities--and then enjoy the adventures that lie ahead!